Age Discrimination

Flisowski v. Faust Distributing Company
We represent Ms. Flisowski in a lawsuit against Faust Distributing Company. The complaint alleges Ms. Flisowski was terminated because of her age.

Wagner v. UPS Ground Freight
We represent Mr. Wagner in a lawsuit against UPS Ground Freight. The complaint alleges Mr. Wagner was terminated because of his age.

Discrimination and Harassment Cases

Erickson v. Dragados USA, Inc.
We represent Mr. Erickson in a lawsuit against Dragados. The complaint alleges that Mr. Erickson was terminated because of his national origin.

Parker v. Southwest Airlines
We represent Mr. Parker in a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines. The complaint alleges Mr. Parker was terminated because of his race.

Unpaid Wages and Overtime

Bunker v. PCP for Life, PA
We represent Ms. Bunker in a lawsuit against PCP for Life. The complaint alleges that PCP for Life paid Ms. Bunker on an hourly basis, with no minimum guarantee and that PCP for Life failed to pay Ms. Bunker the overtime wages to which she was entitled.

Cochran v. Texas Workforce Commission and Deborah Spruill (d/b/a Ground and Pound Gaming Network)
We represent Ms. Cochran in an appeal a decision by the Texas Workforce Commission denying her unemployment benefits and a for damages against Spruill for money owed.