Discrimination and Harassment Cases

Solis v. Westwind Developmemt GP

We represent Ms. Solis against Westwind Homes. The Complaint alleges that Westwind Homes failed to promote Ms. Solis because of her sex and terminated her in retaliation for making protected complaints of discrimination.

Rhodes v. Arbor Grace Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, LLC

We represent Ms. Rhodes in a lawsuit against Arbor Grace. The petition alleges that Ms. Rhodes was terminated because of her disability.

Rusk v. Buffalo Gap Instrumentation and Electrical Co.

We represent Ms. Rusk in a lawsuit against Buffalo Gap.  The complaint alleges that Ms. Rusk experienced sexual harassment from her supervisor and retaliation following her complaint, which included termination.

Laffey v. Harris County

We represent Ms. Laffey in a lawsuit against Harris County.  The complaint alleges that Ms. Laffey was terminated because of age.

Gill v. Amazon

We represent Mr. Gill in a lawsuit against Amazon.  The complaint alleges that Amazon discriminated against Mr. Gill because of his disability by failing to provide him with a reasonable accommodation and terminating his employment.

Baxter v. BSA Health System of Amarillo, LLC and Ardent Health Services

We represent Ms. Baxter in a lawsuit against BSA and Ardent.  The complaint alleges sex discrimination and retaliation.

Unpaid Wages and Overtime

Bunker v. PCP for Life, PA

We represent Ms. Bunker in a lawsuit against PCP for Life. The complaint alleges that PCP for Life paid Ms. Bunker on an hourly basis, with no minimum guarantee and that PCP for Life failed to pay Ms. Bunker the overtime wages to which she was entitled.